The SBA Founded in 1964, the Small Business Association of America(SBA), a Washington, DC non-profit corporation, has been providing quality insured benefits, discount benefit plans and services to our members at low monthly dues. Who are our members? They are self-employed people, small business owners, individuals and families. SBA members reap the benefit of the negotiating power of the SBA.

The SBA is extremely conscientious in its efforts to provide quality benefits and services for its members. We investigate the providers of the benefits and services for our members. Our expectations are that you will be extremely pleased with the benefits we provide at the low monthly dues.

You can count on the SBA to continuously and aggressively seek out new benefits to add further value to membership in the Association.

Please take a few moments to see what the SBA can do to protect you and your family while saving you money.

Veterinary Care

Health Benefits

Accidental Injury Excess Insurance
Prescrip Discount Prescription Program

Other Benefits

24-Hour Roadside Assistance
Emergency Air Service
Hearing Aids
Lenscrafters Vision Club
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
Med Script
My Association Saving Benefits Perks Program
Nurse Helpline
Vitamin & Nutritional Supplement Discounts
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